Zikrullah -1-


Why do we do it?
What are the benefits of performing zikrullah and to join the zikir gatherings?
What is the reason behind it?
What is its methodology, strategy and the techniques?

After, we will explore through the wisdom of these questions (probably within 2 months time). We will also talk about Dergahs (centres of wisdom of love and enlightenment) and their importance for an awakened society, secret information and intuition, gardens of roses and inner hearts and, towards these goals, the gatherings of Zikrullah.

First of all, it is the order of our Creator!
Suratul Baqara 2/152 (beni zikredin ki, ben de sizi zikredeyim.)
Allahu Ta'ala says: “Remember Me and I will remember you.” [2:152]

Suretul al-i-Imran 3/191 (onlar ayakta iken, otururken ve yatarken Allahi zikrederler.)
Allahu Ta'ala says: “Those who remember Allah while standing, sitting and lying on their sides, and mediate on the creation of the heavens and the earth, (seriously saying) ' Our Lord! You have not created (all) this in vain! Glory be to you! Save us then from the torment of the Fire '.” [3:191]

Suretul al-Nisa 4/103 (namazi kildiktan baska ayakta, otururken ve yatakta Allahi zikredin.)
Allahu Ta'ala says: “When you have finished As-Salât (the prayer - congregational), remember Allâh standing, sitting down, and lying down on your sides, but when you are free from danger, perform As-Salât (Iqâmatas Salât). Verily, the prayer is enjoined on the believers at fixed hours. [4:103]

Suretul al-Enfal 8/2 (Allahi cok zikredinki zafere ulasabilesiniz.)
Allahu Ta'ala says: “The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely.” [8:2]

Suretul al-Rad 13/28 (kalpler ancak Allah'in zikriyle doyuma ulasir.)
Allahu Ta'ala says: “Those who believe, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” [13: 28]

Zikir is the first order of Allah.
It is the highest level of your meditation and your prayer!
It is channelling the focus of your inner hearth towards the Blessings of His creation
(tuning your heart towards its reality - “which is hidden in your inner heart”).
It is the continuing practice, which brings you closer to the reality and love of your Lord.
The other prayers we do beside zikir are only vehicles to bring us closer to zikrullah.
Namaz (salat), conversations (contemplations) about Allah and His creation.. they are all in the category of Zikrullah.
Zikir is the standing ground (foundation) of all the other prayers.
All the other prayers (meditations) are a preparation towards Zikrullah - to teach and to learn
how to perform a real zikir.